Pet Check for Business

Manage your entire business with confidence.

We’ve been in the dog walking and pet sitting business since 2003 and understand the needs of the industry. With Pet Check you can with confidence manage every aspect of your business, including your staff and customers.


Business Features

  • Comprehensive tools for scheduling
  • Verify that staff appointments are carried out correctly
  • Automated email and mobile updates to pet owners verifying the care of their pet(s)
  • Robust invoicing tools
  • Optional credit card processing tools
  • Easy-to-read business reports
  • Simplify administrative processes and gain more control of the business
  • Gain more time to concentrate on growing your business

New computer monitor with dashboard representing pet walking business software features



All of our features are designed to give pet owners and pet care company staff access to all the information they need to make sure all pets are happy and safe.

Fail-safe Scheduling

Flexible and accurate scheduling allows you to set one appointment or a series of appointments. Real-time dog walker and pet sitter schedules on their mobile app reduce miscommunications while making planning easy. Get Pet Check today and empower your staff to help them focus on wowing your customers.

Business Owner Email Alerts

If your dog walkers or pet sitters are running late, you will be notified by email to help stay on track.

Verified Check-ins

Your staff check in and out of every residence using the Pet Check mobile app, giving both you and your customers the exact time of care. Your customers will have the peace of mind knowing their pet was cared for and they won’t have to wait until they get home to read a checklist to see the details of the visit.

Pet Owner Email Alerts

Upon arrival and departure of every appointment, pet owners receive an email with details – a highlight of many pet owners’ days.

GPS Visit Tracking

For pet owners with walkable animals, GPS maps ensure that there will be no more wondering about where the appointment took place. Keep up with the demands of the pet owner and show them what a great job you and your staff do for them.

Pet Photos

Sitters can send photos to pet owners in the daily email, offering a glimpse to owners of how happy and safe their pets are on the visit.

Easy Account Management

Pet owners can easily manage their account, including their schedule and invoicing.

Flexible Billing

Our billing features save you time, which means you can focus on what’s important to you. For example, dog walking and pet sitting companies can choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly customer invoicing. They also have the choice of automated credit card processing, or pre-pay billing to save time and stress, all while keeping billing current, consistent and professional.

Business Center

Real-time financial and operational reports give you the information you need to make important business decisions.

Staff Payroll Reports

Automatically generate staff payroll reports to increase your efficiency and save you time.

The only pet care management software built by pet pros.