Pet Check for Business

Manage your entire business with confidence.

We’ve been in the dog walking and pet sitting business since 2003 and understand the needs of the industry. With Pet Check you can with confidence manage every aspect of your business, including your staff and customers.


Dashboard representing how the pet sitting software works for business, dog walkers and pet owners.

Business Features

  • Comprehensive tools for scheduling
  • Verify that staff appointments are carried out correctly
  • Automated email and mobile updates to pet owners verifying the care of their pet(s)
  • Robust invoicing tools
  • Optional credit card processing tools
  • Easy-to-read business reports
  • Simplify administrative processes and gain more control of the business
  • Gain more time to concentrate on growing your business

Pet Check for Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

Pet caretaking is easy with Pet Check.

Dog walker holds a phone in his hand and uses the pet sitting software features

Don’t let confusing schedules and unverified visits be an excuse for poor service. The Pet Check mobile app keeps dog walkers and pet sitters up to the second on their ever-changing and sometimes hectic schedules. All of the information your staff needs to wow customers is at their fingertips. Simple, on the spot mobile scanning confirms their time with the pet, and GPS maps track every moment of the pet's whereabouts, allowing them to focus fully on caring for the pets.

Pet Check for Pet Owners

Pets are members of the family, and pet owners demand more than a simple checklist on their kitchen countertop.

Computer with the dog walking software with schedule for pet owners on screen.

The moment their pet is cared for they receive an email and mobile push notification with the details including a walk route, helpful notes like “running low on food,” and even photos! They look forward to seeing their special companion is happy, healthy and safe.