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Pet Check Technology: Empowering Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters with Industry-Leading Solutions

Dog walkers and pet sitters are a breed of their own. They love animals, crave being outdoors, aren’t squeamish about some of the more odiferous duties that come with the job, have flexible schedules and take great pride in their work. It’s more than just money for people like this. However, when it comes to providing the accountability that customers demand and deserve, most dog walkers and pet sitters agree that they could use some assistance.

Dog walkers and pet sitters don’t want to stress out about scheduling and they don’t want to constantly worry about how much their clients trust them. What they want to do is provide the best care they can for the animals. Unfortunately, another issue plagues many pet sitters and dog walker and it’s all about scheduling. It can get confusing, especially when the client list gets long and events pop up and client needs change unexpectedly. Managing contact information, schedules, pet needs, and communicating with clients all add up to a major hurdle for pet professionals who just want to do what’s best for the pet. Can technology really assist in such a hands-on profession? The answer is, yes.

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