As a dog walking business owner, you’ve put in plenty of time learning how to manage a pack. You’ve picked up dog communication skills and become an expert on body language. You know how to handle a dog on a leash and you’re passing all this knowledge down to your staff. Your business is beginning to thrive, but you are finding yourself struggling to manage your business because of your growth?

One of the biggest problems dog-walking businesses have isn’t related to managing the dogs. Rather, it’s effectively communicating with clients, showing accountability and managing the ever-changing schedules of your dog walkers, and keep up with billing. When the dream of growing your business becomes a “watch what you wish for” scenario, it’s time to upgrade your business management solution.

Many small business owners bring in Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software to manage their financials, but this does little to ease the problems related to managing clients and staff schedules. Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet software can offer a decent overview of client names, contact information, pets, staff schedules, and other information, but there is no automation involved and it’s data entry heavy. A better solution involves bringing GPS accountability and industry-leading software that features tools for easy billing to your business.

The reason GPS technology is so important to dog walkers today is that the industry often faces accusations that pets aren’t being walked as advertised. The client is at work and can only trust that the walker is fulfilling the contract. Accountability is needed, even in cases where the dog walker is 100 percent reliable.

The solution that dog walking business owners are talking about today is called Pet Check Technology, and it is built to assist you in managing your entire business, staff and customers. With Pet Check Technology, you give your clients the accountability they deserve while preserving the trust they have in your company and staff.

Pet Check utilizes cloud-based tools that let your clients know exactly when the dog walker arrives and departs from their home. The walker enters the home and uses a smartphone to scan a QR code placed by the door, which automatically triggers an email that is sent to the owner. The smartphone is also utilized to send the owner the GPS data from the walk, showing the owner how long they were out, how far they went, and the path they took. The walker can also take photographs of the dog while on the walk, which are also sent in the email.

While this is great for the accountability aspect of your business, what about helping you streamline processes? Pet Check does this as well. Our solution simplifies administrative processes and gives you total control of your business. Have staff payroll reports and client billing been giving you headaches? Pet Check automatically generates payroll reports, which helps you save time and increase efficiency, and the automated credit card processing makes payments as easy as ever.

Real-time financial and operational reports are also perks Pet Check clients enjoy. It’s these reports that offer business owners a view of data that is essential to making smart decisions about the direction of their business.

Empower your walkers with real-time schedules and keep them up to date with ever-changing client schedules with Pet Check’s real-time dog walker app.

Drop the spreadsheets, stop relying solely on trust, and bring a better solution to your business. Earn more new customers and gain the competitive advantage in the marketplace by implementing Pet Check Technology. Learn more about our solutions by visiting our website today.

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