Dog walkers and pet sitters are a breed of their own. They love animals, crave being outdoors, aren’t squeamish about some of the more odiferous duties that come with the job, have flexible schedules and take great pride in their work. It’s more than just money for people like this. However, when it comes to providing the accountability that customers demand and deserve, most dog walkers and pet sitters agree that they could use some assistance.

Dog walkers and pet sitters don’t want to stress out about scheduling and they don’t want to constantly worry about how much their clients trust them. What they want to do is provide the best care they can for the animals. Unfortunately, another issue plagues many pet sitters and dog walker and it’s all about scheduling. It can get confusing, especially when the client list gets long and events pop up and client needs change unexpectedly. Managing contact information, schedules, pet needs, and communicating with clients all add up to a major hurdle for pet professionals who just want to do what’s best for the pet. Can technology really assist in such a hands-on profession? The answer is, yes.

More than 60 percent of adults in America own a smartphone, most of which are equipped with GPS. Pet professionals with smartphones have access to a piece of technology that can certainly be of use. An industry leader in software built for pet professionals, Pet Check Technology, has given the industry a solution that provides the answer to the accountability question and gives dog walkers and pet sitters the solution that empowers them to do their job better in just about every aspect.

No, Pet Check Technology won’t walk your clients’ dogs for you, but it will track every aspect of that walk – from the time you arrive and leave, to the amount of time you spend on your walk, to the exact path you took on your walk. You can even include pictures and notes about your walk that go directly to the owner. Another major perk pet professionals enjoy about Pet Check Technology is the real-time scheduling tool built into the solution, which helps to significantly reduce miscommunications.

It works like this: you arrive at your clients’ home and you use your smartphone to scan a QR code placed inside the house. This scan automatically generates an email that goes to the owner, informing them that you have arrived. GPS walk tracking offers a real-time view of where you’re going on your walk, which erases any doubt an owner might have about where you’re taking their beloved dog. For further proof of the walk or just as an extra bonus for the pet owner who enjoys seeing their pet, you can take pictures of the dog at various points during the walk. Sitters can do the same as they interact with the pet in the home.

Upon finishing your walk, you scan the QR code again and another email is generated. Any notes you’ve made about the interaction or pictures you’ve taken will be available to the customer. Pet Check Technology empowers pet sitters and dog walkers in a way that wasn’t possible before. No longer do pet professionals have to leave sticky notes on the counter or refrigerator detailing the day’s walk or visit. No longer do pet professionals have to worry about clients speculating about the timing of the visit, how much exercise and what type of interaction their pet had. It’s all out in the open and automated, leaving dog walkers and pet sitters more time to focus on the animals. Contact Pet Check Technology today for more information.

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