Trends in the Pet Industry for 2017 and Beyond

Pets are becoming more and more mainstream, and pet owners are spending more money than ever on pet-related goods and services. The way Americans view their pets today has definitely evolved from a time when Fido was relegated to the back yard, perhaps tethered to a chain. Most pet owners view them as part of the family. Dogs are going on vacations with their families, proving that “pets as family” is becoming more accepted, perhaps even expected. In fact, over the last few years, we are seeing a movement toward the “humanization” of pets.

Let’s take a look at trends that are established now and see what the future has in store for the pet industry.

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How to Minimize Staff Turnover?

Operating a dog walking or pet sitting business is hard work. You are required to balance the needs of your customers, pets, staff, and the business itself while trying to earn a profit and grow revenues. On top of all that, you’re working outside every day and battling Mother Nature. While being around dogs all day is very rewarding, it can be very demanding on your business and your resources. Honing in on your business model and the services you offer can make it a little easier to allocate resources, predict staff pay and build your business. But no matter how much planning and structure you create, one of the biggest challenges you face as a business owner is staff turnover.

There are a few factors that can contribute to staff turnover, including the overall economic landscape in your area, your staff hiring procedures and compensation packages, your company’s size and growth and company policies. Unfortunately, there is no magic answer when it comes to staff turnover, and it is often a juggling act between these contributing factors to see which combination works best for your business. And as these factors change over time, so should your practices.

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When is the right time to get dog walking management software?

If you’ve used spreadsheets to manage your client information and schedules for your growing dog walking and pet sitting business, it’s obvious by now that something more automated and manageable is required.

Dog walking management software should be at the center of your business. When you are connected to the right software, it will help you to manage your customers, staff, schedules, invoicing and more. You will run a more efficient business, have happier clients and you will grow faster. Without the right business management solution, your company will not be as efficient, you won’t know if jobs are being completed or if they’re being accomplished in a timely manner, and you won’t know if you’re getting the upper hand on your competitors.

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What is the best way to hire dog walking and pet sitting staff?

Congratulations! You’ve grown your dog walking or pet sitting business to the point where hiring additional staff will help improve your business. You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into building your business and you want to continue to grow it with the right people in place. How do you ensure you are hiring the right people?

There are a few criteria that can help you determine an appropriate hire.

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Staffing Needs: What to Consider as You Grow Your Business

Depending on the size of your business and your business goals, staffing needs can play a vital role. Servicing your customers should be your top priority. Making sure you are properly staffed, and with the right type of person, is a great way to ensure success. Your team members will require sick days and vacation days. In this line of work, emergencies like flat tires, a sick dog, or a sudden change in scheduling can affect your ability to service your customers. Make sure you are prepared for the known and the unknown challenges of owning a dog walking or pet sitting company by staffing appropriately.

If you have a one-person business and do not plan to grow beyond yourself, you should consider forming alliances with other companies in your area who are in a similar situation. You may be able to cover for each other and not have to incur any added costs. Consider it a barter system where you help each other during the year on an equal basis. One-person businesses should also consider having a trusted friend or family member cover appointments when you are not available. And lastly, a one-person business can hire temporary workers to help as needed.

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Should I start my own dog walking business?

If you’ve gotten to the point of reading this blog post then you are seriously considering starting your own dog walking or pet sitting business. You love dogs and you want to help them get the quality care they deserve. You want to work with dogs on a daily basis and you like helping people. Maybe you’ve seen a need in your market for better quality pet care, a different type of pet care, or something else. Before you go for it, consider how you would answer these questions:

  • What companies are currently in the marketplace and what do they offer?
  • What is my company’s mission, and what is my business model?
  • How can I differentiate myself?
  • What tools are available to help me run my business?
  • How much money can I make?
  • What do I need to get started?

What companies are currently in the marketplace and what do they offer? Before you start your own business it’s important to understand the marketplace. How many dog walking or pet sitting companies are in your market? What services do they offer? How much do they charge? How many pets are in your market? Can the market handle more dog walking companies? Once you research the answers to these questions you will have a better understanding of what’s out there, where there is a void, and where you can do offer better services.

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Why Your Business Needs Pet Check Technology

As a dog walking business owner, you’ve put in plenty of time learning how to manage a pack. You’ve picked up dog communication skills and become an expert on body language. You know how to handle a dog on a leash and you’re passing all this knowledge down to your staff. Your business is beginning to thrive, but you are finding yourself struggling to manage your business because of your growth?

One of the biggest problems dog-walking businesses have isn’t related to managing the dogs. Rather, it’s effectively communicating with clients, showing accountability and managing the ever-changing schedules of your dog walkers, and keep up with billing. When the dream of growing your business becomes a “watch what you wish for” scenario, it’s time to upgrade your business management solution.

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Pet Owners Want Assurances About their Animal’s Well Being

The pet ownership landscape continues to evolve as more Americans are bringing canines into their lives. As more pet owners realize the benefits of bringing furry friends into their lives, approximately 36.5 percent of American homes include at least one dog. Some lucky dogs and their owners go to work together (Google, Ben & Jerry’s, Amazon, to name a few companies that are dog friendly).

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Pet Check Technology: Empowering Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters with Industry-Leading Solutions

Dog walkers and pet sitters are a breed of their own. They love animals, crave being outdoors, aren’t squeamish about some of the more odiferous duties that come with the job, have flexible schedules and take great pride in their work. It’s more than just money for people like this. However, when it comes to providing the accountability that customers demand and deserve, most dog walkers and pet sitters agree that they could use some assistance.

Dog walkers and pet sitters don’t want to stress out about scheduling and they don’t want to constantly worry about how much their clients trust them. What they want to do is provide the best care they can for the animals. Unfortunately, another issue plagues many pet sitters and dog walker and it’s all about scheduling. It can get confusing, especially when the client list gets long and events pop up and client needs change unexpectedly. Managing contact information, schedules, pet needs, and communicating with clients all add up to a major hurdle for pet professionals who just want to do what’s best for the pet. Can technology really assist in such a hands-on profession? The answer is, yes.

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