Manage your entire business – staff and customers – with real-time certainty.

On-site check-ins automatically trigger both customer email updates verifying the care of their furry or feathered friends and invoicing updates. Simplifying these administrative processes gives you total control of your business while freeing up time for you to concentrate on growing your business.

We make pet caretaking easy.

Forget confusing schedules and unverified visits. The Pet Check mobile app keeps your staff up to the second on their ever-changing and sometimes hectic schedules. All of the information they need to wow your customers is at their fingertips. Simple, on the spot mobile scanning confirms their time with the pet and GPS maps track the pet's whereabouts at all times – allowing them to focus more on caring for the pets.

Pets are members of the family, so your customers need more than a simple checklist on their counter.

The moment their pet is cared for, they receive an email with the details including a walk route, helpful notes like “running low on food,” and even photos! They’ll look forward to the delight of knowing their special companion is happy, healthy and safe.

Get Real-Time Certainty for your business.
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  • Real-Time Certainty – All our features are designed to give owners, customers and sitters immediate access to all the information they need without a moment of hesitation.
    Fail-safe Scheduling – Easy for business owners, customers, and sitters, real-time schedules reduce miscommunications and make planning easy.
  • Verified Check-ins – Sitters check in and out of every residence – giving business owners and customers the exact time of care. If sitters are running late, business owners will be notified by email to help stay on track.
    Customer Email Alerts – Upon arrival and departure of every appointment, pet owners receive an email with details – a highlight of many pet owners’ days.
  • GPS Walk Tracking – For customers with walkable animals, no more wondering where the appointment took place with GPS maps in real-time.
    Pet Photos – Sitters will be able to send photos to pet owners in the daily email.
  • Easy Account Management – Customers can easily manage their account including their schedule and invoicing.
    Flexible Billing – Companies can choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly customer invoicing, automated credit card processing, or pre-pay billing to save time and stress, all while keeping billing current, consistent and professional.
  • Business Center – Real-time financial and operational reports give you the information you need to make important business decisions.
    Staff Payroll Reports – Automatically generate staff payroll reports to increase your efficiency and save you time.